Preparing your stay at Opole University

Before coming to  University of Opole

In order to be accepted as an ERASMUS+ exchange student, you must be a student of a partner university which has signed a ERASMUS+ Bilateral Agreement with Opole University.

Once you have undergone the recruitment at your home istitution successfully, please make sure your Institutional Coordinator sends us your nomination. You will also be asked to send us the documents listed below:

1.    Application Form for incoming students, which must be signed by ERASMUS+ Coordinator from your Home Institution - please fill it with the use of computer - handwritten applications will not be accepted

2.    Learning Agreement, which must be accepted by your Home University

       3.    Application Form for Accommodation (for those willing to stay in OU dormitories)

 From students from non-european countries (f. ex. Taiwan, China, Israel, Kazakhstan and others) who are going to study at the University of Opole within the framework of cooperation agreement (non Erasmus+ students), we request the following application documents:

            1.  Application for incoming students, which must be signed by the President/Dean 

      2.  Acommodation Application, (for those willing to stay in UO dormitories)

Please, make sure that the documents are complete, and that you have included your actual date of arrival, a valid e-mail address, and that all the documents are signed and sealed. 

Then the complete application should be send via registered letter to the address of OU Institutional Erasmus Coordinator:

University of Opole
Institutional Erasmus Coordinator
Pl. Kopernika 11a
45-040 Opole

The deadlines for applications are as follows: 

  • 15 June - for the winter semester of the following academic year
  • 15 December - for the spring semester of the following academic year 

Should you have any difficulties with meeting these deadlines, please contact us via e-mail, as soon as possible. 

Acceptance of your Application

After your application is received the Departmental Coordinator at OU will check, whether your Learning Agreement is complete, and if the subjects of your choice will be available. Once this has been accepted, the paper is sent back back to the International Office, the Institutional Erasmus Coordinator prepares your Acceptance Letter, and sends it back along with the signed Learning Agreement to the address of your International Office. 

Arriving at Opole University 

The Opole University provides the Incoming International Students with the assistance of Polish students, which usually covers: meeting the student at the station, help with finding the Dormitory and check in. The members not only assist the International Mobility Students at their arrival, but also help with dealing with every day student's life - e.g. finding a way to the library, dealing with administrative issues.  

Documents received after mobilty period 

After you have successfully completed your stay at Opole University (and hopefully - liked it here :) ) there are a couple of things which need to be done before your departure. Firstly - take all your exams and ask the Departmental/ Faculty Coordinator to provide you with a Transcript of Records paper. All your marks and ECTS points should be put on this document, so that your home university would receive the complete paper, and you will have those subjects recognised. 

You will also have to prepare a paper called clearance sheet (Karta Obiegowa), which is signed by different university offices (library, dormitory, dean's offices - before you go home you leave your OU student ID there).

Having completed the clearance sheet take its copy and a copy of your Transcript of Records, and come to the OU Erasmus Office in order to receive your Confirmation Paper (Confirmation of Stay).  

In this way you will leave the OU and Poland with all the documents required for your stay recognition :)

Biuro do Spraw Badań Naukowych i Współpracy z Zagranicą
Adres: Plac Kopernika 11a
45-040 Opole
pokój 31 
tel./ fax: +48 77 54 15 975 (int. 5975)